Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity
Love Heart in the Sign of Infinity

The areas the EE System has helped my body have been remarkable. Having had Covid-19, my hair began falling out. It's been three years, and now it has finally begun to grow. My lower back had osteo-arthritis, which was very painful. I woke up this morning without pain in my back. Neuropathy is gone in both legs. A Bakery Cyst behind my knee is gone, and edema in my legs is gone. All have been confirmed by my P T Dr that I went to this week. I am sleeping deeper and longer at night, and mentally clearer from brain fog. Neck pain is completely gone. It was previously a strain to hold my neck up without resting or using a neck pillow.

I am grateful for this scaler energy technology that’s only twenty minutes from my home. Thank you Buck and Janitye, and Oasis for hosting the EE System in our area.

- Sherry

Two hours relaxing in your EE System does more to relieve my neuropathy pain than any treatment I’ve tried. I can feel the increased circulation in my feet every time I walk out of there. Thank you for making it available.

- Tom

Hi Janitye,

Thank you so much for the time in the EE System today. I am so grateful for you and Buck. I have reduced my blood sugar numbers, experienced a deep sense of calm, and am able to sleep better. My sense of purpose has been revitalized!

- Laura

I am so thankful because I leave Ohio in early September and come back in November. I have my blood drawn first of September and hoped to do the overnight before my blood draw.

Thank you so much again for this opportunity. You and Buck are a total blessing


When I got home yesterday, I was able to get out of the car with just a twinge in my knees. I usually have to brace myself and push myself up with my arms. Not at all necessary even after a two hour ride home. I am feeling wonderful today. Thank you,


Used your machines for the first time. I had a really deep sleep and woke up to normal stiffness in my back and tingling in my fingers. My body felt warm and rested. The next day: I feel more sure of body movements as I work around the house and less brain fog. I have not “lost” my cell phone even once today. Felt very soft hearted, even teary-eyed during church. I was able to stay calmly focused working with my legal papers, which usually frustrates me. I will visit again. Thank you for the opportunity,


I’m getting much better since yesterday with the system. Bless and thank you and Buck for making this possible.


Hi Janitye,

I want to update you on how I have been feeling since my light therapy yesterday. I noticed a very happy feeling when I got home.

It was very nice. I have been feeling anxious, depressed and angry for a while. I hate those feelings.

Also my bad temper and anger hasn't popped up once since the therapy session. Wonderful!!

Yes, something happened. The lights did do something to my body and my outlook.

Thanks for your hospitality and friendliness. You are a very out going and warm person. Your husband, Buck was fun to talk with too.

- Lyn

Hi Janitye!

Thanks so much for the nice snacks on Monday mornings! Very refreshing! Last night was awesome, as always! Vivid technicolor dreams that relate to my life were AMAZING! And today, I had such a great feeling of peace with a true clarity of thought. Thank you so much for your Haven of healing and health.

Your healing retreat is incredible and I thank you & and Buck so much!

Love ya always!


Hi Janitye,

Here are the positive changes I have noticed in my health since I started the experiencing the EE System:

· The almost total disappearance of my joint and muscle pain that had been a problem for 3 to 4 years.

· An immense improvement in my stamina when I physically exert myself.

· The lessening of negative repetition thoughts.

· My night sensitivity to bright lights has decreased.

· My skin issues have healed by 90%.

Thank you Janitye and Buck for making this possible!


Praise Report:

My daughter is doing great on school now. She has joy singing and dancing. She even wakes up on her own to get ready for school. Before her two visits, she was very depressed and had the F’s at school, and wouldn’t get up to go!! I am so excited. I am sleeping deep now and feel a lot better.


I feel such clarity, alertness, a heightened sense of smell, and very awake since seeing y’all! Can’t thank you enough! <3

I'm trying to get my boys your way soon...

One is struggling with ear and eye troubles as well as emotional control. I think both could use a good nano bot blast and Power Nap!

God bless you sweet woman!